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Nature morte of diversity & authenticity

The creative process is mutual. In a way, creativity creates me as a person. Nonetheless, when deeply immersed in creative action, it often starts to feel like the form already exists, and I'm only helping it come alive by sculpting or pouring it out and giving it a material shape. Talking about essential things is not easy, but encoding them in works of art and letting others uncover them is much more meaningful. 


I value the process. I feel that when I'm creating spontaneously I'm allowing the jewelry to reveal itself in its natural textures and irregular forms. I grab the moment and stop at some point, and the frozen form is my creation. In nature, I see what brings me back to similar details of its forms while creating. This feeling is particularly evident at the beginning. It's like I already had an inner vision of the creation and just had to recognize it later.

Inaequale is a name that organically comes from the fascination of observing nature's transformation processes. Literally meaning irregular shape, patchy, uneven surface. I find a lot of beauty in that. As the plant grows and develops, it changes its form, color, texture and an even more vivid surface appears.


My impressions and researches that I get from nature and all that I can create inspired by it are meaningful as long as another person can extend it. 

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