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Whistles. Objects of jewelry that emit a sound when blown. It requires another body as a participant from its essence, not only as an observer. 


Blowing the whistle embodies three different kinds of relation: relation between the blower and the whistle, whistle with the listener, and blower with the listener. Whistle in between each other, whistle together, whistle among the surroundings.


Emphasize the importance of live communication. The whistle can be just an object, but human intervention creates the action. This action gives meaning to direct communication as a value. The outward movement emanating from a person is a kind of feedback, transformed into sound, of what was cherished and real.


I have drawn upon my own experience to assess the significance of face-to-face interaction and connections.


During the last trimester of my studies, I tried to comprehend the link between jewelry and the body by evoking my formative years. 


I was especially close to my grandpa before I had to begin school and we would often spend quality time together.

He involved me in many activities that I didn't initially comprehend, but now that I am an adult, I recognize the strong connection we had. 


He instructed me in the art of kite-making, fishing with a makeshift rod, constructing bird feeders, and whistling through a tube. We even built a bow, invented our own sign language, and created pins with burdock leaves.

Thinking back on these memories fills me with thankfulness for the bond of friendship, love and creativity that we shared.


As an expression of this sentiment, an audible signal of longing and joy, I then decided to create whistles.

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